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You’re not afraid to be yourself, are you?

I’ve long followed some of the more popular wedding blogs out there – the traditional, the non-traditional, small, big, international, big media, etc. It wasn’t until I was involved with a stylized shoot that we wanted to share with the world that I realized there weren’t too many non-traditional blogs that will share stylized shoots. Why not? It’s still inspirational. It’s still fabulous. It still showcases wedding professionals and their talents. So, Raven’s Betrothed was born. So hop on board! I hope you enjoy the ride.

The premise behind this blog is to share all things non-traditional wedding related – styled shoots, real weddings, pic of the day, vendor spotlights, advertisers, bridal shows, wedding open houses…you name it and it will be considered, if not included.

This blog is open to all and will not discrimate due to color, religion, sexual orientation, sexual preference, sexual identity, lifestyle, age, or any other discriminatory subject matters. With that being said, Raven’s Betrothed solely reserves the right to not share, print, or publish any themes, genres, categories, or subjective material deemed not appropriate for the blog, website, social media, general public and business.