Did you know you can get married on a roller coaster? You can if No Ordinary Ordained is your Officiant. When Jen first contacted me and asked if I would be willing to marry them on a roller coaster I almost went through the roof with excitement! Hell yeah I’d be willing to – and very excited about – marrying y’all on a roller coaster! That’s part of why I became an Officiant, so everyone could get married how they want, and the more unique, the better.

So why would a couple want to get married on a roller coaster? Well, because they’re coaster junkies; it’s part of who they are as a couple. They travel all over the place visiting amusement parks and riding the coasters, so getting married on one was the next logical step. To make it even more perfect, they were married in May on a Friday…the 13th. Heaven! So off to Busch Gardens Williamsburg we went and they chose their favorite coaster there for the ceremony – the Verbolten.We got there just as the park opened so there were basically no lines and only 6 other people on the coaster.

Due to potantial complications and hazards of doing it all on the roller coaster, we did the basic ceremony and ring exchange on the bridge with the Verbolten in the background. Then we got on the coaster and right before the big drop I had about 45 seconds to ask the free will question, if they take each other as husband and wife, and do the pronouncement, and then they kissed right before the drop. We had figured out where the camera was on the coaster, so when we passed it they held up their ring hands. Once the ride was done I got another photo of them kissing as we headed into the loading station.