Virginia may be a little slow, but they finally caught up to the rest of the world in legalizing same-sex marriage. Officiants have long been finding ways to skirt the legality part before they made it legal, but now we don’t have to worry about it! I used to meet my couples out on the pier in Colonial Beach as once you were over the water it was considered Maryland, then we’d do the formal ceremony wherever they wanted.

Fortunately, Brad & Matt didn’t have to worry about all that. After being together for 16 years – and engaged for 4 years – their beautiful ceremony at The Winery at Bull Run was a festive love-filled celebration, and Chamberlin Photography was there to capture every single amazing moment.

Brad & Matt both share a love of travelling, so instead of chosing just one wedding cake, they chose five! Each one representing a special country or city they had visited together. The “five” theme carried into the ceremony by using their five favorite colors; Brad’s is blue and Matt’s is red (as you’ll see in the Unity Sand ceremony.

To make their wedding more unique and sentimental, each groom has his mother escort them down the aisle and “give them away”. How amazing is that? I have to admit, if I were a guest, that’s where my tears would have started. Understanding how fortunate these two men are to have such supportive mother’s, I can only imagine how Brad & Matt felt, and what a great way to honor their moms!

As if all that isn’t enough, to personalize their unique celebration even more – and as a surprise for Brad, who was born deaf – Matt had a few of their friends perform “Thinking Out Loud” by Edward Sheeran in American Sign Language. Let the waterworks hit Niagara Falls status. I’ll let the photographs do the rest of the talking…..

VENUE | The Winery at Bull Run, Manassas, VA

PHOTOGRAPHER | Chamberlin Photography

OFFICIANT | Heart Star Ceremonies, Fredericksburg, VA

CATERING: | Purple Onion Catering

CAKES | Cakes by Happy Eatery, Manassas, VA

*Photographs shared with Raven’s Betrothed by Chamberlin Photography and are used with their permission.  *If you are a wedding professional that played a part of this special day, please send a note so I can update it asap.