Yes, you read that right. Jagerbomb Unity Ceremony, done during a wedding.

Unity ceremony’s aren’t just sand and candle anymore. This couple wanted to do a Jagerbomb Unity as that is what they were doing when he proposed. So with a little research, No Ordinary Ordained figured out some wording that would make the Unity fun, unique, and yet still relate it to love and marriage.

Yuen; Jagerbomb 1; Belle Grove Plantation; YouSee PhotographyYuen; Jagerbomb 2; Belle Grove Plantation; YouSee Photography

While this is not the exact wording the couple used, it was the basis from which they created their wording. “Spouse 1 and Spouse 2 have chosen to do a Jagerbomb unity ceremony. Most people don’t realize it, but a Jagerbomb is a lot like love……..

Caffeine and alcohol … one’s a stimulant and the other can reduce motor coordination … just like love.

Their slogan is perfect: “enter the world and discover strong bonds and uncommon characters”… just like love.

There are special blends, which are “married into a delightful blend with ingredients found in the original recipe” … just like love.

The taste is a “proud result of history steeped in tradition”; a history without which this experience would not be possible … just like love.

And the creation process includes allowing it to breathe, slowly aging, with daily control checks until the necessary complexity is achieved, guaranteeing the highest quality … just like love.

Inspired by the nature around us, the secrets and precious ingredients are brought to life in the hands of those brave enough to give their all. Its taste is “spicy, complex, but soul-warming”; it’s well-balanced, but does allow a bitter flavor … a pleasantly bitter flavor.

But above all, you’ll find a pure, natural, true, and genuine character and flavor … of love. Spouse 1 and Spouse 2, please combine your loves and savor the rich aroma of the life you will share together.

– All information on Jagermeister taken directly from their website

Venue | Belle Grove Plantation at Port Conway

Venue Coordinator | Tammy Anderson

Photographer | YouSee Photography

Officiant | No Ordinary Ordained