Spotlight on Awesome is Raven’s Betrothed version of showcasing different wedding professionals to give you an insight into who they are, how their business came to be, what products they offer, and maybe even give you some ideas for your own wedding.

I have personally had the pleasure of working with Jamie and her husband on many different occasions – real weddings, bridal shows, and styled shoots. Talk about amazing energy and passion for what they do! They’re definitely a business to check out if you’d like to add a little something different to your wedding. So who better than Jamie herself to tell you about Keep It Candy Events…….

How it started … In 2012 my fiancé and I were planning on a pretty long engagement, but just as life does, it screwed up those plans. We got some very rough news that put us into a serious time crunch. I had never been on Pinterest in my life (I’m serious!) and had only been to one wedding when I was a kid. To say I was clueless is the understatement of the century. One thing I did know though was that our budget was small and we are not exactly traditional. When the subject of flowers came up everyone, especially my Mom (love you Mom!), had an opinion. Flowers and I don’t get along you see, they come to my home to die, and quickly I might add. My thumb is not at all green so when the idea of a non-flower bouquet came up it peaked my interest. I’ve never been creative but when my mom brought home a candy arrangement from Hershey Park it was like the clouds parted and sang “Jaaaaamieeee, make a candy bouquettttttt.” Just like that I jumped on candy sites and made my first lollipop bouquets for myself and my bridesmaids. I went on to make boutonnieres and corsages for the rest of the wedding party too. They were a total hit and I was told at the reception “You should bloody sell those!” I took that advice a few months later and BOOM! We did not have to wait long for them to catch on with our first full wedding sale to the U.K. within two weeks!

KeepItCandyEvents 1
Photo Credit: LaConia Photography

*The first wedding bouquet was so heavy my poor maid of honor (pictured) said her arms were shaking by the end of our short but sweet ceremony! Luckily we have fixed that, no need to get those arm muscles pumped up before you carry one of our bouquets now!

Where we are now … Our original business name was Edible Weddings and More, after three years of telling people we do not do fruit and more than weddings we changed our name to Keep It Candy Events. In the last three and a half years we have been creating centerpieces, favors, bouquets and more and have shipped to over a dozen countries and 46/50 states (AHEM Idaho, New Mexico, Montana and Maine!) We have worked with some pretty awesome and well known clients from all over including the Make A Wish Foundation based in Colorado and the San Francisco Ballet Company. We have begun to spread too! In addition to our original Etsy shop ( we have a standalone website ( and a Facebook store, with more venues to purchase our candy goodies coming soon!

KeepItCandyEvents 2
Photo Credit: LaConia Photography

We have even added and are already booking candy buffet services throughout the 95 corridor from Richmond to Washington D.C. We love custom tables like this one we did at a Raven’s Betrothed photoshoot with a Sleepy Hollow theme! This is my personal taste so I had a blast with this one!

KeepItCandyEvents 3
Photo Credit: LaConia Photography

Why Book Us? Customer service is always the name of the game in our little business. Your wedding is a special occasion for us too and we put love into everything we send out. We can match swatches, themes, and crazy ideas which is what makes candy a fun and versatile alternative to traditional flowers. We have had traditional brides and quirky brides and we have loved working with everyone one of them! Below are pictures of Ebony and Alex’s wedding (our first Virginia one way back in 2013!) and Alyson from her amazing Halloween wedding in 2015 with a fun custom sugar skull bouquet with a real sugar skull!

KeepItCandyEvents 4
Photo Credit: Aida Cook Photography
KeepItCandyEvents 5
Photo Credit: Ron Corn Photography

Want to keep up with us? We are always adding inventory and the best way to keep up with it all is via our social media, follow us today!  (see I know Pinterest now!)

KeepItCandyEvents 6
Photo Credit: Capes and Crowns

A Special Thank You … A special thank you to Tamara from Raven’s Betrothed for letting me try my hand at this blog thing. I was an offbeat bride who felt like she had nowhere to turn in an industry so full of tradition so I look forward to watching this venture grow and hopefully working with her more!

KeepItCandyEvents 7
Photo Credit: Ascot Rose Studios / SJ Collins Photography

*Sometimes you have to let a model borrow your husband when the male model falls through!