You don’t need a marriage license to have an emotional heart-felt ceremony; sometimes commitment ceremonies can be more emotional than a wedding. That  definitely held true for this ceremony. These two have been through so much together and it’s only made them stronger as a couple. The world can throw its worst at them and there’s no doubt they would weather the storm and come out the other side brighter than the sun.

City Dock Park in Fredericksburg, VA, is a popular place for elopements and commitment ceremonies. Who doesn’t want a waterfront location? With Chamberlin Photography to capture everything, it’s a given that the photos would freaking rock!

Sam, with No Ordinary Ordained, doesn’t actively book weddings, but this was a special occasion – he and Rob have known each other since high school. No ceremony is complete without a little inside joke (hello Ring Pop!), enjoying a surprise visitor when a butterfly landed on Amanda, declaring each other as “permanent roommates”, and adding some personalized uniqueness with a [Malibu] Rum Unity ceremony…

“For starters, both alcohol and love can reduce motor coordination – as we know all too well – and both give us a smooth, warm, comforting sensation. But let’s break it down into the steps of creating rum – and love. Rum – and love – has one of the most colorful histories of any alcoholic beverage, from high society to swashbuckling pirates on an island. Most rums usually start out clear, just like love… pure, colorless, innocent, and sweet, in its most primitive state. Aged rums are blended, and then stored to further mature and “marry” the flavors before becoming the final product. The secret and precious ingredients are brought to life by the experts. Rum and love can both end up “on the rocks” or be the most perfect concoction best when slowly sipped, but no matter how it’s created or its effects of us, rum and love just make life more enjoyable. Robert, Amanda, cheers to your love being warm, fuzzy, sweet, a little coconut-ty, and never on the rocks.”

After the ceremony we all went to Capital Ale House for lunch and a small celebration…and found the best alternative to a wedding cake – a dessert pretzel! Yum! We wish Rob and Amanda the best, and hope “being committed” is treating them wonderfully!